Spotted in the Wild

I was delighted to spot Catherine Jinks’ novel for younger readers (of all ages) published by Allen and Unwin “Theophilus Grey and the Demon Thief” in one of my favourite local bookshops. For those wondering, The bookshop is the Subiaco Bookshop, no connection except as a long term and very satisfied customer.  The cover  makes very splendid and appropriate use of the ‘Wellingborough’ typeface family to create some charming and eye-catching typography.

I maintain a small collection of items (most often books) which use Greater Albion’s typefaces, and had to purchase a copy to add to that accumulation.  That said, and notwithstanding being several decades older than the intended readership, I can heartily recommend Catherine’s book as a lively entertain read.

Demon Thief


In theory, my spare time at the moment should be spent on the many ligature pairs required by ‘Ledbury’.  In the midst of that I had an idea.  I decided that idea needed to be acted upon… or did I feel like a break from all those ligature pairs.  Anyway, Ambergate, a further development of the ideas in the ‘Amersham’ typeface family is the (more or less complete) result of that bit of spontaneity.

Ambergate is a family of four typefaces, loosely Copperplate in inspiration and with a certain amount of added flourish (in the case of two of the faces, that added flourish is extremely literal).  Progress on these designs was rather more rapid than has been the case with some others, and demonstrates to me the advantages of allowing the creative process to go along whichever pathways it will wander.  Or is that just my excuse for delaying other projects?