To Go Boldly…

We have now more or less completed the Bold weight of our ‘Landsdowne Commercial’ typeface.  Now the fun of testing the regular and bold faces, with our usual selection of reimagined ephemera starts.  Meanwhile, here’s a short sampling of the two typefaces.  Both faces include an extensive selection of ligatures, stylistic alternates, small capitals and old and lining numerals.




Steaming Through (Well Mostly)…

We’ve been having fun re-imagining posters- in this railway posters, mostly from the steam age.

We’ll start this collection with the most modern of the posters in terms of subject matter.  Our Alfrere Banner typeface is employed in a poster inspired by the early days of the modern era on British Rail


The next design is not strictly a poster, but a hypothetical Magazine Cover.  An East Anglian express storms out of the pages of “World of Railways”… a product of our imagination, but not to worry…  The typography employs the Bertoni typeface family.


Next we have the front cover of a Model Catalogue.  The ‘Leeds ModelCompany” really existed, and very splendid their models were.  This is one of the splendid “Princess” class express locos.  This design uses the “Bettendorff” typeface.Bettendorff

The Haymer typeface family suits this late 30’s ‘Streamline Era’ poster very well.  The Silver Jubilee express ran to Newcastle-on-Tyne from 1935, named in honour of George V’s Jubilee year, 1935.HaymerOff to the South Coast now, with the Thurgoode typeface and the “Atlantic Coast Express” of the Southern Railway.

Still on the South Coast, the ‘Wolverhampton‘ typeface family – all three members of it – set off an illustration of the Southern Belle at speed.Wolverhampton

Progress, At Last…

It has been a quiet week on this site this week, which as usual denotes a busy week elsewhere drawing attention away from Greater Albion.  None the less, after several weeks there is some progress to report on one of our ongoing projects.  Landsdowne Commercial regular is nearing completion, and here’s a very small sampling of it in its current form.

Landsdowne-Commercial3As with all of our typefaces which have the word ‘Commericial’ in their name, this is an refined and enhanced rerelease of one of my earlier freeware typefaces.  A lot has changed and developed, including an extensive character set, a wide range of ligatures, as well as stylistic alternates and small capitals, but at it’s heart this remains the earlier Landsdowne design.  More previews soon…


Bertoni, or More Archive Delving…

Here’s a sampling of design pieces that employ Greater Albion’s ‘Bertoni’ typeface family. This is a little of what we had to say about Bertoni when we first launched it:

Bertoni is a high contrast Didone family of twenty faces, which combines extreme legibility with distinctive character. It is able to hold its own in modern usage while having features rooted in a deep period charm…

I wonder if some of that isn’t a little ‘high-flown’ when I reread today.  Never the less, I still think the family consists of twenty jolly elegant typefaces!


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