Another set of completed catalogue pages. Our specimen pages for ‘Admiral’ can be downloaded here in pdf form.


Cataloguing Away – Adantine

Here is our second set of catalogue pages, proceeding in alphabetical order, these are for the Adantine family, a 2010 release. We’ve included thumbnails below, or a PDF can be downloaded here.  Adamantine is transitional face, somewhere between Roman and text with distinctly late Victorian overtones.

Cataloguing Greater Albion’s Typefaces…

For some while, there’s been a feeling that Greater Albion Typefounders should develop a catalogue of all it’s typefaces.  We’ve sat, and cogitated, and had a few false starts in that direction.  Here is either the latest false start or the start of a large-scale project to catalogue all our typeface families (191 families, at last count).  This time, going strictly in alphabetical order, we have catalogue pages for the Absinette family, downloadable here or thumbnails viewable below.


Eight New Releases, Now on Myfonts – Part 8


Doge’s Darker is one of a set of four typefaces, the others being Doge’s Delight, Doge’s Banner and Doge’s Venezia. Together they make up a splendid family of Victorian inspired Tuscan faces, allowing for an integrated design approach.

Doge's_Darker_Gallery1 Doge's_Darker_Gallery2 Doge's_Darker_Gallery3 Doge's_Darker_Poster1

Eight New Releases, Now on Myfonts – Part 7


Kinver owes it’s inspiration to the masthead of a 19th century handbill. It is designed to particularly complement our extensive ‘Imperial Granum’ typeface family. Bring the spirit of Victorian flair to your next design project!

Kinver_Gallery1 Kinver_Gallery2 Kinver_Gallery3 Kinver_Gallery4 Kinver_Gallery5
Kinver_Gallery6 Kinver_Gallery7 Kinver_Poster2 Kinver_Poster3 Kinver_Poster4