Sightings ‘In The Wild’

It’s always a pleasure too see out typeface designs in ‘real world’ usage, especially when we come upon them unexpectedly.  A recent day of bookshop browsing yielded two samples which we’d not previously been aware of.


Anna Jaquiery’s crime novel, “The Lying Down Room” uses a cover which applies an interesting perspective effect to text set in Great Bromwich regular.

k10179Jürgen Osterhammel’s “The Transformation of the World” makes eye-catching use of the ‘Clementhorpe’ typeface family.


Tudor, or Mock Tudor

Here’s a set of Capitals, based on lettering inscribed in the tomb of Henry VII, in Westminster Abbey.


Of course, there’s a certain amount of ‘designer’s license’ entailed here.  To make a useable set of capitals for modern day usage letterforms such as ‘J’ and ‘Q’ must necessarily be added, styled in the manner of the other forms.

If we turn this into a complete typeface, we’ll also need Arabic numerals and punctuation, at a minimum.  The question becomes, how far does one go down this path? “Authenticity” would suggest that these letterforms make the basis of an all-capital typeface, but as noted, authenticity will already have to go out the window somewhat in pursuit of practicality.

That being the case, why not have a stab at corresponding lower case letter-forms.  What some, such as ‘l’ would look like can easily be imagined.  Others are trickier to envisage-how will ‘j’ look for example, but finding out could be rather enjoyable.

So which is it to be?  Somewhat ‘pragmatised’ (excuse the word) authenticity, or free and unbridled license?  I rather think it will end up being the latter…


Lanvier Releases

The Lanvier family is also now launched through Fontspring and Myfonts.

Lanvier is an all capital display face, inspired by the thirties streamline era look.  The family is offered in four style, Regular, Oblique, Double Oblique and Reverse Oblique, as well as two weights, Regular and bold.  Bring the thirties back to life in all their chromium plated, streamlined and fast moving glory with the Lanvier family.

Lanvier3 Lanvier2


Bonlivet Releases

The Bonlivet typeface is now available through Myfonts and Fontspring.

Bonlivet is an all capitals display face, which starts from Roman letter forms and pushes them into wild decorative extravagance. There is a somewhat early 20th century feel to this, but really it’s just a bit of good fun, with a hint of elegance thrown in.

Bonlivet3 Bonlivet2 Bonlivet1