Four Typeface Families Dispatched…

… to our resellers, at last!  Landsdowne Commercial, Wellmere Sans, Friendly Shaded Sans and Trivette have just been sent off this morning, so they should start to appear soon.  Now to think of the next projects…


Landsdowne-Commercial_Gallery17 Wellmere_Sans_Gallery15 Friendly_Shaded_Sans_Gallery8 Trivette_Gallery7

Another Project Almost Complete

Regular followers might remember we previewed “Trivette” a calligraphic, all capitals, display face a little while ago.  This project is another now nearing completion, which we hope to dispatch to our resellers in the near future.


Testing Wellmere Sans

We’ve been having fun trying out Wellmere Sans.  Here’s a selection of the resulting pieces with which we are most pleased.  Hopefully we’ll be sending Wellmere (along with Landsdowne and perhaps couple of other things) of to Myfonts and Fontspring soon.  It does seem to have been a while since we dispatched anything, but it’s been a very busy couple of months…


Wellmere_Sans_Gallery5 Wellmere_Sans_Gallery6 Wellmere_Sans_Gallery7 Wellmere_Sans_Gallery8 Wellmere_Sans_Gallery9 Wellmere_Sans_Gallery10