New Banners for Whitehaven

Whitehaven was one of the earliest of Greater Albion’s typeface families, and is an Art Deco inspired family of nine all capitals typefaces.  We’ve just updated the banner artwork for the family on Myfonts and I thought it worth posting the new banners – one for each typeface in the family – here.

We’re often asked how Greater Albion’s typeface’s name are arrived at.  Really I can only summarise it as ‘free association’, and ‘Whitehaven’ is a good example of that.  At the time of working on the family I was re-watching the ITV ‘Poirot’ series, or at least it’s earlier episodes, which were set in the 1930’s and often featured distinguished examples of Art Deco architecture. These included Poirot’s own block of flats, called “Whitehaven Mansions” in accordance with the Poirot novels.  In reality, the building used was “Florin Court” in Smithfield, London.

WH-1 WH-2 WH-3 WH-4 WH-5 WH-6 WH-7 WH-8 WH-9

Showcasing Landsdowne Commercial


‘Landsdowne Commercial’ is a development of Paul Lloyd’s earlier public domain release, ‘Landsdowne’.  All glyphs have been completely redrawn and refined.  An extensive range of stylistic alternates and ligatures have been added, as well as a completely new bold face and several forms of numerals.  Landsdowne commercial is ideal for period-inspired design work, such as posters and book covers as well for clear elegant communications.  I think this perhaps demonstrates that a typeface, like so many other things, is never truly finished, just progressed to a standard acceptable to its designer at that time.

Landsdowne-Commercial_Poster1 Landsdowne-Commercial_Poster2 Landsdowne-Commercial_Gallery17 Landsdowne-Commercial_Gallery18Landsdowne-Commercial_Poster6Landsdowne-Commercial_Poster5Landsdowne-Commercial_Poster4Landsdowne-Commercial_Poster3Landsdowne-Commercial_Gallery19