Bronzetti Now Launched on

The full Bronzetti family is now available here on, including the free fully licensed  typeface Bronzetti Expanded.

We like to regard Bronzetti, which we’ve been developing in house for some time as a  forthcoming typographic revolution-Bronzetti has been a long term project for Greater Albion Typefounders, aimed at filling a large gap in the range of typefaces available today. The Bronzetti family of 22 text typefaces combines modern requirements for legibility and readability with the charm of traditional Roman faces in the spirit of those carefully constructed by small scale quality foundries such as the Kelmscott and Vale presses.  In short, Bronzetti is traditional letterpress meets modern publishing, offering a real opportunity to make your material stand out from today’s ‘run of the mill’ crowd.  The range of typefaces on offer includes five widths of type, as well as small capitals and italic forms and regular and bold weights.  Try out Bronzetti today, make your work stand out from the crowd and join the revolution!

Myfonts offers extensive previewing facilities for you to try Bronzetti out.  Meanwhile here’s a small sampling of the 22 typefaces in action.

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