Three New Releases – Released

Our three new releases are now available on Myfonts and Fontspring.

London Court

London Court is a family of three ‘Tudor Revival‘ display faces, inspired by an inscription seen underneath a clock in a splendid Tudor revival arcade in Perth, Western Australia. The resulting typeface designs are similarly ‘Tudor Revival’ or if you prefer ‘Tudorbethan’- Roman with Blackletter details. Ideal for creating headings and posters which have an ‘Olde-Worlde’ feel with modern legibility.


Secombe is a lively fun family of typefaces in the spirit of the turn of the last century. It’s a boisterous fun design, named in honour of the late Harry Secombe (or if you prefer, Neddy Seagoon). Secome is a family of two ‘small capitals’ display faces, offered in a regular solid form and the ‘Grande’ form, engraved and shadowed. Ideal for posters, book covers and any other design work where a feel of the 1900s is needed.

Tectura II

Tectura II is Greater Albion’s answer to the infamous Comic Sans.  It’s a family of four ‘hand printed’ typefaces that provides our very own answer to the infamous ‘Comic Sans‘, and follows on from one of our early release ‘Tectura’.   Tectura II offers a distinctive blend of hand written character with legibility.

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