Some Capitals…..

Here are sketches for the capital letter forms for a forthcoming design.  Originally, we were going to continue our ‘Goonish’ naming theme and call this ‘Moriarty’ (having ruled out ‘Grytpype-Thynne’ as being a little over flamboyant) but we’re not quite so sure that name fits now.  Any other suggestions for a (not necessarily Goon themed) name.


2 thoughts on “Some Capitals…..

  1. Paul
    How about in tribute to the great man himself…. “Milligan” ? or more inspired by the letter shapes,,,, “Spike”


    • Fred, Good Thoughts….think I’ll go will Milligan. Part of the reason I decided against Moriarty was that the design didn’t look spiky enough for such a villanous name. 🙂

      You might be curious to see our next post…

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