An Interesting Application

We’re always pleased to see our typefaces ‘in the wild’, so we were very pleased to come upon the following recently published book:

Matthew Dennison’s “The Twelve Caesars” (Atlantic Books 2012) uses our typeface “Vectis Regular” in it’s cover design, and of course that’s wonderful to see…  At first though our thought was ‘whatever have they done!’  To explain, Vectis Regular is designed as a small capitals typeface with the larger capital forms intended for initial use and the smaller forms (no used at all in Atlantic’s cover design) intended for use elsewhere.   Used as intended, this would render “The Twelve Caesar” as something like:

Of course, Atlantic Books also used a filter effect in order to give their lettering an embossed ‘stone-masonry‘ look.  In fact, we offer a Vectis Monumental face that will achieve this effect rather more readily:

Now that is how Vectis is meant to be used. But, and despite out initial reaction, Atlantic’s treatment of the cover has rather grown on us.  The somewhat chaotic overlapping of their chosen capital letter forms, which results from the fact that those forms were never supposed (by us) to be employed adjacent to each other somehow suits Mr Dennison’s book- which we were rather intrigued by and have started reading-as it portrays a the chaotic world of the Caesars that results from their particular blend of populism and the triumph of personality over a nobly conceived republic. A historical read that we’re happy to recommend and you know, the cover design, and that rather different way of using Vectis has come to appeal to us too-it’s not as we intended but it’s somehow right!  and yes, of course we’re always (well almost) happy to see our typefaces in use…

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