In the Sprit of Things….

Here are a few sample images with a ‘spirited’ theme which we developed when toying with ideas for a general catalogue of our typefaces.

Here’s where this idea all started.  Our Absinette family was actually inspired by the lettering on an early 20th century French Absinthe poster, so here we bring the wheel full circle re-imagining such a poster.

Yes, there was such a brand in the 1920’s-Clementhorpe lets us reimagine advertising for Burgoyne’s Australian Wines…

And who remebers (to give it it’s full title) QC British Cream Sherry (really!) from the days before regional restrictions on the use of product designations.  Still, sherry did always seem a very British drink to us…  Goldbarre lends an hard edged commercial quality to this bit of patriotic advertising.

Wincarnis, here advertised using our Birmingham New Street family, is still made but is no longer the meet infused wine the classical derivation of the brand name implies (yes, it once was…)


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