New Releases…

Bolton Commercial and Tudor Perpendicular have now released on Fontspring and Myfonts.

Bolton Commercial revives and updates one of Greater Albion’s designer’s earliest typeface families, Bolton, which was recently used on the credits of a popular UK television series.  The family consists of five faces- Regular and Obliqued, Blocked, Embossed and Engraved.  All have a late Victorian/Edwardian feel and are ideal for posters, signage, Book covers…and of course television credits! Bolton Commercial combines the virtues of flair, fun and legibility.






Tudor Perpendicular is Greater Albion’s seasonal Black letter release (not that we rule out the possibility of non-seasonal ones…) for 2012.  As the name suggests, it is a design which emphasises, and yes, exaggerates for effect, the perpendicular up and down nature of Black Letter typefaces.  There’s no particular historical basis for this one – straight out of our own minds, just as a lot of Black letter ‘revivals’ have been over the years.  Come and visit ‘Ye Olde‘ world today…




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