Something We Always Enjoy…

We always enjoy the process of trying out and testing and refining our new typefaces prior to release. While this has a very serious purpose, great fun is had re-imagining vintage advertising, resetting text from old novels, making up imaginary products and nonsense posters and so forth.  In that spirit, here’s a selection of test pieces displaying the ‘Imperial Granum’ family.

In this particular family we’ve tried to keep a little of the hand-drawn feel of the original advertising specimen that inspired the design, while making a typeface regular enough for consistent heading and display use.  The result seems, to us, somewhat timeless, combining elements that would make it at home in different eras-everything from the Victorian era to the present day.  Enjoy…






One thought on “Something We Always Enjoy…

  1. Really like the way that the typeface is turning out. Wonderful presentation.

    Any thought about adding the “o” with the tilde / dot / flare in the middle that was in the original artwork as an alternate? I thought that was a nice touch (in the word “Food”) in the original artwork.

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