It Went & Grew…

We’ve been reflecting on F. Havell’s suggestion regarding the ’tilde’ within the ‘O’ and ‘o’ letterforms in Imperial Granum.  It would be hard to incorporate this within Imperial Granum Regular, as this face, and its associated bold weight, already had a  stylistic alternate for ‘o’.  Opentype does allow for  set of stylistic alternates, but these tend not to be readily accessible in a lot of applications.

However, we had a thought… We’d been toying with an ‘Ornamental’ face for the Imperial Granum family, incorporating a range of flourishes and decorative features.  So Here it is- ‘Imperial Granum Ornamental’.  We hope you enjoy these specimen posters…




‘Imperial Granum Ornamental’ has been designed o that individual characters can mix and match with Imperial Granum Regular, as well as being used in its own right.

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