A Project Gathers Momentum….

What do you get if you mix calligraphic, black letter and sans serif elements with a hint of something Germanic.  Well you could get many things, but one possibility is something like Blout, which we introduced briefly a week or two ago.  Things have moved along with that particular project, so here’s a sampling of progress to date:


2 thoughts on “A Project Gathers Momentum….

  1. Blout is progressing to be another great typeface. Just my thoughts, but, I think that the upper counter on the minuscule s needs to be opened up a bit, the descender on the minuscule q needs to be more similar to the minuscule j, and the lower leg on the majuscule L, E, and Z might could be a bit thicker in the connecting contrast. The one last area is the majuscule T. It currently seems like it can’t decide if it’s a T or a G. All the other majuscules are substantially more roman, perhaps the T needs to be as well. Perhaps a straighter, centered stem with a crossbar diamond decoration or a “stand” on the bottom. Or perhaps just loose the rising ear on the lower portion of the bowl. Actually, the latter might work well. Maybe make the stem more like the left portion of the majuscule O?

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