New Releases…on Fontspring and Myfonts

Our four new releases have now launched on Fontspring and Myfonts.  The four releases are:


Blout is the typeface for those who want to shout their message, but to do so with subtlety.  It brings together elements of sans serif and late blackletter design, and is ideal for poster work.

Blout_Poster4 Blout_Poster1 Blout_Poster2 Blout_Poster3

Easter Egg Letters:

A fun typeface for Easter, which lets you make banners and headings with  eggs enclosed in letters.  Chocolate anyone?EasterEggLetters_Poster2 EasterEggLetters_Poster1


Some time ago, when we were working on our Merrivale family, it occurred to us that an adaptation of the design, incorporating selected Blackletter elements, would be in the best traditions of 19th and 20th century blackletter revivals, which combine all the spirit of the middle ages with modern legibility-think of Goudy Medieval as an example.  In the case of Merrivaux (best quality faux-medieval name there!) we’ve produced a typeface which has the ready legibility of Roman titling, but which gives a subtle blackletter feel.  The regular form of Merrivaux is incised with a visible midline, a solid form with identical metrics is also offered.  Both forms include a range of opentype features including ligatures, fractions, old style numerals and terminal forms.  Merrivaux is ideal for posters, signage and design work, where a touch of that ‘Olde-Worlde’ feel is needed. Merrivaux_Poster4 Merrivaux_Poster1 Merrivaux_Poster2 Merrivaux_Poster3


TurvyTopsy offers all the fun of delightful hand-drawn irregularity, captured in a typeface. Designing this was a wonderful exercise in ignoring all the rules of precise geometric construction to which we normally work. These irregular forms somehow achieve a delightful character & legibility all of their own…
TurvyTopsy_Poster3 TurvyTopsy_Poster1 TurvyTopsy_Poster2


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