Return of the Blobs!

We’ve developed our blobby idea a little further-here are sketches for glyphs comprising a full upper and lower case alphabets.  We’d be happy to have any suggestions for a name or feedback on this experimental design…


One thought on “Return of the Blobs!

  1. This is a rather interesting concept. Perhaps Balltimus, Balliter, Balltier, or Baldione?

    Few small comments as well, The foot on the uppercase K, I think, is trying too hard. Perhaps just a regular flat terminus or similar to the lowercase k? Same with the foot on the uppercase R. For the lowercase r, it seems like the arm really should be flipped like the upper portion of the lowercase c. For the uppercase M, how about the second ball terminus flowing off of the center joint instead of the right foot? It might help to keep the visual “flow” better. Same with swapping the ball to the other side of the foot of the Y.

    I’d love to see a straight, non-rounded version of the Vs and Ws as well. I’m not so fond of the curving contrast in the current versions.

    Also, it’d be great to see a “no-blob” version of the Didone!

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