Jolly Splendid…Encountered On Book Covers

It’s no secret that our designer, Paul Lloyd, designed an extensive range of freeware typefaces before the days of Greater Albion.  These don’t have the full character sets and all the features of Greater Albion releases, but some of them remain (in our opinion) jolly charming typefaces.  We still like to see these typefaces in use and we were accordingly jolly pleased to discover them in use on book covers designed by Samantha Press of Eggplant Productions.

Spiritual Growth by Lori Ann White makes splendid use of the ‘Lightfoot’ typeface”

Meanwhile, Shrewsbury Regular is used (in conjunction with another typeface) on the cover of Heart Starve by Patricia Russo:

We were also very pleased to spot a further use of one of Paul’s freeware fonts on television, also on a book cover, though perhaps a fictional novel, which is an interesting sort of double bluff. Seen on yesterday’s Doctor Who episode “The Bells of St. John” was a book cover typeset in Bolton (now considerably enhanced in Greater Albion’s release “Bolton Commercial”) – Summer Days by Amelia Williams, fictionally a character from the past of the series we understand, now stranded in 1930s New York, we understand…

The results are rather pleasing, anyway:


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