Further Developments Upon an Art Deco Theme

We’ve now had the opportunity to do some more work upon our ‘Belle Jardin’ project and to refine the letterforms developed so far in the light of our own further reflection and feedback received.  This Art Deco inspired project seems to have attracted quite a lot of interest, so we’re moving it to the head of our development queue.

Here’s a more recent sampler, showing upper and lower case letter forms as well as an extensive range of stylistic alternates.  Have fun spotting the differences and just where things have evolved! 🙂

Do let us know your thoughts…

Belle_Jardin-1 Belle_Jardin-2



3 thoughts on “Further Developments Upon an Art Deco Theme

  1. Very nice improvements in the typeface. Three suggestions: The bowl on the uppercase Y is too big, or rather, the joint is too low. Perhaps move the arm up a little? The alternate Y’s stem terminating in the curl might be improved if straight until the baseline, perhaps straight and vertical? (and same as above for the bowl). And I still think that the upper case J and K could be improved by adding some whitespace between the stem and the curl. Right now, the “counters” are missing, i.e., the curls currently match the B, D, P and R which normally have no gap between the arm and stem.

    Overall, turning into a very nice typeface.

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