The Virtue in Being Old-Fashioned

Ruben De Baerdemaeker of Armida Books makes many interesting points in his article “Why books look old-fashioned… and why that’s a good thing”.   In part he says:

If books are to survive and not be swept away by the digital tide, they will have to be beautiful objects – and they will need beautiful fonts. The fonts we use in books have long histories, and it seems we prefer our books set in fonts that go back to the very earliest days of printing, rather than in efficient, modern and clean type. It may be too romantic to think that the use of classical fonts ties us to that era when the printing press democratised knowledge and spread ideas. But we do not want our books to look and feel like office documents, like electricity bills – like the plentiful banal manifestations of the written word. We want our books beautiful and old-fashioned – and we want them now.

We do thoroughly recommend a read of his whole article, however.

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