We’ve Been Nominated for the Versatile Blogger Award!


We’re extremely pleased to have been nominated for the Versatile Blogger Award (thanks MasonBentley, much appreciated).

The rules of the award require us to tell you seven interesting things about ourselves and to nominate 15 other blogs for the award.  So, some interesting things:

  1. Our secret missionGreater Albion Typefounders is our chief designers small step towards his (not so?) secret aim of trying to revive an appreciation of traditional design in modern taste.
  2. Our greatest excitement-spotting one of our typefaces in the wild.  We’ll always report back on that here…
  3. We’re not just revivalists-our typefaces often draw on traditional design as a source of inspiration, but our designs are new ones that blend and combine these elements with our new ideas.
  4. Our other interests-we do have our interests beyond typeface design.  Our chief designer fancies himself a bit of a painter, we’ve an abiding interest in steam trains, gardening and The Goons Show.
  5. Motoring in particular style-the foundry vehicle is a Volvo, a real Volvo, the archetypal Swedish tank, a Volvo 245.
  6. Remember-when telephones had dials and televisions had to warm up to be watched? We do…
  7. Our best design work-is always done with a glass of sherry and a box of violet cream chocolates within easy reach.

Now for our fifteen nominations:

  1. Vintage Me Oh My – a lovely source of inspiration, and a fascinating venture into modern soap manufacture as well.
  2. The Graphics Fairy – Another wonderful source of inspiration.
  3. ilovetypography.com
  4. typography-daily.com
  5. www.designer-daily.com
  6. railwayeye.blogspot.com.au
  7. www.rmweb.co.uk/community/
  8. glyphsapp.com/blog/ – News and guidance from the developer of our preferred font editor…
  9. www.chocablog.com
  10. masonbentleystyle.com
  11. Vintage Ads
  12. Vintage Ads (II)
  13. Design Your Way
  14. blog.pautlerdesign.com
  15. www.oliversweeney.com/sweeneyblog

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