Capital Ideas…1

Here are preliminary designs for he capitals for one of our latest design projects:


We’ve provisionally named this one ‘Henrician’, thinking somewhat over the sovereign gentleman with six wives.  It’s another of our experiments (great fun, these) in combining black letter and Roman elements.  The results we feel are rather in the spirit of the Tudor revival movement of the 20th century.  There’s also a hint of historic epic film title about them, and we have been thinking of ‘Tudor Revival‘ as an alternate title.  We’d be pleased to hear people’s thoughts on this…

One other questions we’d like views on, which is relevant to this project.  In the past, we’ve developed conventional upper and lower case letter forms and small capital letter forms for the same typeface family we’ve presented them as two separate typefaces.  It is, of course, possible to incorporate the small capital forms accessible within the same typeface, as an opentype feature. Which is generally preferable to our users?

We look forward to hearing your views on these two questions.


2 thoughts on “Capital Ideas…1

  1. This typeface appeals to me, however, I see the name in the font as HENIRIGAN. In part, I think if the lower terminal of the C was lowered a bit, it would be less of a “G”. The more complicated issue is the R. The ball terminal at the top of the R is a wonderful flair, but it makes the R look like an IR. I fear that the B, D, and P might suffer the same. 😦

    Perhaps moving the terminal a bit to the left, offset from the stem? I’m not sure.

    Also, I’m not fond of seeing the same element used as decoration on one glyph and then as a functional element on another glyph. The “flair” on the J and T becomes an integral part of the form in the Z and L. Same for the ball terminal on the Y and Z. Of course, Perhaps a swapping of the elements to bring the functional together and the flair together? And, as always, these is all just my thoughts and opinions.

    • F, thanks as ever for your feedback. We have been doing some more work on Henerician and will post a new specimen in the next fewdays. We’ve moved that terminal over and it does certainly increase clarity. You’ll find most of your other feedback reflected in on way or another too, though we must admit we rather like the ‘T’ how it is… 🙂

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