Further Thoughts On Henrecian

Here’s the latest stage in the development of our ‘mock-Tudor’ Henrecian font.  You’ll see it now includes upper and lower case letter forms, as well as small and petite capitals.  The upper case forms have changed substantially in the light of feedback received.

We’re still debating whether the Small and petite Capital forms should be provided as separate typefaces, or as Opentype features within a single typeface.  At this stage we’re inclining towards the former, if only because of a dearth of applications with support for the Petite capitals feature, but we’d love to hear people’s views…


2 thoughts on “Further Thoughts On Henrecian

  1. Wow, the typeface is really beginning to look good. The small tweaks made have really improved the legibility.

    On the petite capitals, the terminal flairs are changing the color of the typeface too much. I would think that they need to be “lightened” or minimized to improve both the color and the legibility. Especially the E, F, and T. Currently, it appears to be too much of a good thing. (The word Petite is almost difficult to read.) Perhaps simplified (like the lowercase) would make a more refined statement?

    In the lowercase, the curved stems in the m, n, h and u are too much. They look wobbly. Perhaps use a more subtle curve like the one in the w and y? With the bigger curve, they make the typeface look comical instead of stately. I know that you like the arm of the r to point up, but it is less appealing to me. I know it matches some of the other flairs, but, again, this is a functional element… I’d suggest using the arm of the f for the arm of the r. (Perhaps same for the t?) The tail on the g looks a little bit out of place. Not sure on a suggestion, perhaps have the tail come smoothly out of the bowl, without the divot? Or perhaps transplant the tail from the petite caps Q (reversed obviously). And finally, how about having the lower tail of the q go left to right (instead of right to left)?

    Small nit, the curve on the bowl of the d looks a bit off, perhaps pull the bowl from the q over to the d (or fix the curves)?

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