5 thoughts on “Forthcoming Projects – Fanshawe

  1. Looks like it will be another great typeface. I like the flowing embellishments / swashes. I’m not sure that the angled joints in the “a” and “e” fit so well with the smooth connections in the rest of the glyphs (n, s, h and F), The hard connections are a bit jarring to the vision. Works well with the “w”, though. I’ll be looking forward to seeing the more complete character set.

    • F – you may not agree with our philosophy here… Fanshawe’s inspiration lies in the vintage advertisement below…and at this stage we’re trying to be relatively true to source… Not to say we couldn’t do a Fanshawe Rounded in due course. Perhaps we’d name that one with the alternate English spelling of the name…still pronounced Fanshaw, but spelt “featherstonehaugh”!


      • I see the inspiration. And I agree about the “a”. The angles off of the straight stem works. The “e”, however… Look at the “e” in San Jose. A much better fit, in my humble opinion.

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