Bourne-Initial Thoughts on a Forthcoming Family

We couldn’t help admiring the lettering included in the design of this rather splendid poster, promoting the transport infrastructure used by a rather well known and loved cocoa and chocolate manufacturer.

Photo 8-06-13 11 28 12 AM

There’s a long way to go yet, but we’ve been exploring these capitals as an initial starting point for a typeface family.  We’ll keep you up to date as this develops:


One thought on “Bourne-Initial Thoughts on a Forthcoming Family

  1. The source is wonderful hand lettering. Your initial cut is a great capture of the glyphs.

    I think the terminals on the C, G, S and J might look more consistent if they all had more “vertical” endings. That is to say, more like the vertical ending of the tail of the R, but not necessarily with the need for the flat horizontal angle. I.e., just pull the “short” corner along the curve until you have a more vertical ending. I would think that it would be easier for the G, J, and S. Might not work for the C. The C, however, is currently the most inconsistent. Of course, the original took a more “rounded corners” approach. That, too, might be the better solution. (Maybe even rounded corners on all the glyphs?)

    Also, I rather like the straight lines for the A, V, W, X, and Y that were in the (A & V in the) poster. The curves, I think, make the glyphs look awkward and take away from the character of the original. Keeping the current glyphs as alternates to match your alternate M, etc. would be keen (although I think that M could be wider at the top as well).

    I think that the Q might be improved a touch if the tail could be offset a bit to the right to better match the tail on the R.

    And finally, I think the juncture on the K needs to be a bit stronger to match the rest of the glyphs. Perhaps a strong lower leg with an “R” curve for the top arm? Or vice versa?

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