6 thoughts on “A Bit More Humour…

  1. This is turning into a nice, mellow typeface. I do have a few minor comments… It seems that the top arm of the lowercase f could use to be a little stronger so that it doesn’t disappear relative to the rest of the glyph. Contrary, the stem of the lowercase r seems too strong for the rest of the glyph. The lowercase u and y, overall, seem to be a bit too strong in relation to the other glyphs. Perhaps they need the “ink trap” from the lowercase h (if it were turned upside down).

    On another note, I think it would be great if the uppercase N had the third (upward pointing) stem. In the current typeface, only the N (and it could be argued the Y) doesn’t have a “standard” roman uppercase form. (It might be interesting to try a vertical stem on the uppercase Y as well, but, perhaps it won’t “flow” as nicely with the fluid glyphs that currently make up Barollo.)

    • F, thanks, as ever for your feedback, very useful as always. I’ve incorporated all your suggestions into revisions to the lower-case glyphs, but I can’t get your idea for the Upper-Case N to work to my satisfaction, so that one might need further thought….

    • Thanks for the thought, but the deadline on the competition might rather defeat us…we’re not quite such rapid typographers as that! Much appreciate your bringing the competition to our attention though.

      • you just have to upload your design of the type face…and if you are truely interested, we could extend the date abit.i could make an exception!

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