One thought on “Roman Lucidity…

  1. Wow, this has become a wonderful typeface! There are only a couple minor elements that might be improved. The first is that the tail on the lowercase c seems to be a bit tall for the glyph, almost closing it off into an o. (I see that you’re matching the uppercase C’s tail but it just seems to be too much for the diminutive form.)

    The second minor tweak that I see is in the lowercase a. Perhaps the lower counter should be a bit smaller. Right now, large counter appears to make the a dominate the page (with regard to the other lowercase glyphs) and the balance between the upper counter and the lower counter seems a bit out of whack.

    And finally, the bridge on the lowercase r seems a bit, I don’t know, stretched?, weak? Perhaps bring the intersection down a little so that it has more of an upward angle? And maybe bring the terminal a small amount closer to the stem? Also, I think that it might be a little nicer if the foot serif was more balanced. (The uppercase P’s foot is also looks a bit unbalanced. It looks like this is intentional and it looks okay on the uppercase F but, perhaps too much on the P and certainly too much on the r.)

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