One thought on “Numerals and Refinements…

  1. This is looking good. A few minor comments… I think that the top of the uppercase “S” extends too far to the left, i.e., it overhangs the foot of the glyph. I think a little less angle such that it is more balanced would help. And probably look better when it follows another uppercase letter.

    The lower bowl of the uppercase “B” needs to be rounded a bit more on the right side. The legs of the uppercase “M” might could be made a bit wider to match the uppercase “N”. Hmm… I wonder if the uppercase “F” and uppercase “K” might look better with an “N” foot on the stem instead of the bulb… Just a thought. It would fit them together better with the uppercase P and L (not to mention the N and M).

    The numeral “3” needs a tweak on the middle arm. Perhaps extend it a little and bring the tip down? More like cutting of the 8 at the edge so that the crossbar has actually either at least reached horizontal or even perhaps beginning the decent.

    In staring at the presentation, I’m beginning to think that the lowercase “o” has too much weight. Perhaps it should be less circular and loose some weight on the right side? More like the uppercase “O”? Or perhaps the numeral “0” is right for the lowercase “o” (and then tweak the number 0 if you want it different)?

    And trim the crossbar of the lowercase “N” to open the upper counter a little bit. Perhaps narrow the lowercase “d” a touch to make the base a little lighter too? And narrow the lowercase “y” to make the upper counter a little smaller (and balance out the glyph)?

    Are you also looking at a version with the baseline the same for majuscule and minuscule letters? While I like the dropped caps look, I think that the typeface would look good on the same baseline as well.

    Anyway, just some rambling thoughts.

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