Sounds Like A Challenge…

I can heartily commend a visit to the site, a US maintained archive of…of just about anything and anything identified as being out of copyright.  Whatever your interests, it seems to be true that you’ll find something related there.

Just by way of example, the collection encompasses such ephemera as the complete eleventh edition of the Encyclopaedia Britannica, a pre World War I guidebook to the London and NorthWestern Railway, numerous type foundry specimen books and manuals on type design and calligraphy.

One of the latter concerns us today (and we will be presenting further material from the same source over the next few days)’Studio Handbook Lettering’ by ‘Welo’:


This small book contains 200 or so hand drawn alphabets, many of which off splendid inspiration for type designers.  All of that said, I can’t quite bring myself to agree with the sentiments expressed on one particular page of the boo, reproduced below, in fact one might look upon this as a gauntlet thrown down, or at any rate something of a challenge…photo 4“An Art that typesetters con not obtain” indeed!  Notwithstanding that little challenge, I will be presenting some of my particular favourite pages from this book over the next few days.



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