A Minor Tribute to Messrs Charteris and Templar

Those who are kind enough to peruse this blog regularly will be aware that we derive particular pleasure from devising ‘hypothetical’ examples of our typefaces in use.

Readers may also have noticed that our imagination repeatedly turns to some of our favourite fictitious firms as the subject for these exercises in the imaginary.  “Chocolat Ambrosine”, or sometimes “The Ambrosine Chocolate Company”, it’s a cross channel concern, figures prominently.  The “Blue Star” shipping line crops up quite often as well.

Another recurrent trope of imagination, also somewhat Anglo-French is “Automobiles Hirondelle”, or alternatively “The Hirondelle Motor Car Company”.  This later is the subject of our latest imaginings, more of which anon.  It’s perhaps opportune to point out the origin of the Hirondelle of ‘Swallow’ motor car- one such was driven by Simon Templar, otherwise known as The Saint, through a great many of Leslie Charteris‘ thrillers- a happy reading memory of my childhood…



This design successfully (we think) stretches the limit of how many different typefaces can sensible appear in one piece of typesetting, incorporating Alfrere Sans, Alfrere Banner, Ames’ Roman and Ames’ Text.


From a somewhat earlier point in the company’s imagined history- this poster employs the recently designed ‘Bonlivet’ typeface.


Full of 30’s elegance, and a great deal of chrome, this poster uses the Thurbrooke typeface family.

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3 thoughts on “A Minor Tribute to Messrs Charteris and Templar

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    • Peter, it’s more my typing than my spelling which is the problem. That, coupled to a tendency to inaccurate proof reading… I’m sure you can appreciate the problem!

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