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Sometimes I like to spend a quiet hour or so browsing Greater Albion’s archive of completed projects.  There’s often inspiration for new designs, or taking existing work in new directions, to be found there.  Sometimes it’s just plain simple fun to remember the challenges of each design and to review our archives of ‘specimen’ pieces that are an essential part of testing each design.

One of my own particular favourites from amongst our past designs – and I think having one’s own favourites is inevitable in the long run – is the “Imperial Granum” display Roman family.  Here are some of the typography test pieces we used while developing that family.  I know some of these have been seen before, but I do think they bear repetition.  I hope others do too…

Imperial_Granum_Gallery1 Imperial_Granum_Gallery2 Imperial_Granum_Gallery3 Imperial_Granum_Gallery4 Imperial_Granum_Gallery5 Imperial_Granum_Gallery6 Imperial_Granum_Gallery7 Imperial_Granum_Gallery8 Imperial_Granum_Gallery9 Imperial_Granum_Gallery10 Imperial_Granum_Poster5 Imperial_Granum_Poster6

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3 thoughts on “Browsing Our Archives…

  1. Having discovered your website quite recently, I’m glad to be introduced here to something as splendid as this from your archive. The Imperial Granum design brings the past into the present so cleverly that it almost manages to persuade me that one might still be able to buy that Railway Magazine in 2012 for a mere shilling!

    • Ian, thanks very much for your kind words. As a matter of curiosity, a publication called the Railway Magazine is still published, though each issue inevitably costs a great deal more than a shilling and the modern has a rather different design ethos to it.

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