A Hypothetical House Style

Regular readers of these pages will have noticed that we have a few favourite ‘hypothetical’ products which we often use in our typography specimens. ‘Chocolate Ambrosine’ springs to mind, as does ‘Automobiles Hirondelle’ (the later with due acknowledgement to Leslie Charteris) and the Blue Star Shipping Line.  Another we have used occasionally, though not quite so often, is ‘Imperial Airship Lines’.  I have just passed an amusing afternoon dreaming up some posters for this now sadly hypothetical, though I suspect rather more stylish and comfortable, mode of travel (comfortable at least if Helium had provided the lifting force…) and trying to develop a ‘house style‘ for the Imperial Airship Line, centred on Greater Albion’s ‘Par Avion’ display face and the Ames’ typeface family.  Here are the results of the afternoon’s efforts.


Imperial1 Imperial2 Imperial3 Imperial4

3 thoughts on “A Hypothetical House Style

    • I’ve just read Roger McDonald’s poem and find it extremely evocative. At the moment, the ‘Par Avion’ typeface is an all capitals typeface, though there are two different forms for each letter, but that could change in the future. One of the joys of the ‘Opentype’ format is that it allows for alternate forms of each glyph, selected either by user choice or based on typesetting context. A possible idea for a future project, I think.


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