Amersham and Royalty…

A somewhat ‘Royalty-Inspired’ exploration of the Amersham typeface family.  Actually, it all started with re-creating a traditional English pub sign– ‘The King’s Head’ and I rather got carried away…

Amersham1 Amersham2 Amersham3Amersham4

2 thoughts on “Amersham and Royalty…

  1. I wonder whether the use of King Charles 1st’s image for “The King’s Head” pub signs indicates monarchist loyalty or just dark Cromwellian humour? Are there any grisly pub signs that show the head of this king after it was removed by execution?
    Anyway, the font works well…

    • An interesting question. My first thought was that it might depend on the Royalist or Roundhead inclinations of the local community at the time – inclinations which aren’t quite always dead and buried today – but an image search via Google brought up not one grisly beheaded example. Curiously, the choice of which King’s still attached head appears seems to vary. Henry VIII seems to be the most popular choice, but George I and George IV also appear, as well as one example which looks suspiciously like it might be the publican in Jacobean garb:

      Thanks as ever for your kind words regarding the font.

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