Bertoni, or More Archive Delving…

Here’s a sampling of design pieces that employ Greater Albion’s ‘Bertoni’ typeface family. This is a little of what we had to say about Bertoni when we first launched it:

Bertoni is a high contrast Didone family of twenty faces, which combines extreme legibility with distinctive character. It is able to hold its own in modern usage while having features rooted in a deep period charm…

I wonder if some of that isn’t a little ‘high-flown’ when I reread today.  Never the less, I still think the family consists of twenty jolly elegant typefaces!


1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 Bertoni_Gallery2 Bertoni_Gallery7 Bertoni_Gallery8 Bertoni_Gallery9 Bertoni_GalleryA Bertoni_GalleryB Bertoni_GalleryC

One thought on “Bertoni, or More Archive Delving…

  1. I don’t think your description is immoderate. It’s an elegant family. I like the book title examples (especially the symmetry of ‘Matilda’) – and of course that evocative telephone box…

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