2 thoughts on “Friendly…

  1. One of the pleasures, for me at least, of following Greater Albion posts is there’s often perfect harmony between a particular font/style and the imaginary world (including a sense of period) conjured up by the visual material chosen to accompany them in your test pieces. In this instance, Friendly Shaded Sans evokes signage from the days when I was driving small British-made cars, and getting high on the smell of printers’ inks. Some of the other typefaces are irresistibly reminiscent of British books from an earlier period – Richmal Crompton, W.E. Johns et al. Thanks for the memories!

    • Ian, thank you as ever for your kind words. In many ways working on the test pieces is one of my particular pleasures in the whole process of developing a typeface. Thank you also for reviving a happy memories of my own. The works of ‘Captain’ W.E. Johns and Richmal Crompton featured prominently in my own reading in (much) younger days. In fact I must confess to still keeping few of the former’s works to hand for occasional moments when I want a simple undemanding read. It is many years, though, since I’ve read any of the adventures of William Brown…

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