3 thoughts on “Ledbury, On Which We Are Cogitating…

  1. The flamboyance of this style works especially well, I think, for those words (such as “Ledbury” itself, or “Albion”) where the initial capital sits snugly with the following lower case letters. The effect is slightly less pleasing to my eye when the sequence of letters creates a larger space (as in “Typefounders”) or an entanglement of tails (again, in “Typefounders”). But I recognise that the generously looping tails are part of the intended charm.

    • Ian, must admit I somewhat agree. Some of the problem can be addressed using the OpenType ‘ligature’ feature, which enables the design of a purpose made glyph to substitute for problematic pairings in the font. Thus, a Glyph containing alternate forms of the ‘T’ and ‘y’ characters can substitute for instances of that pairing throughout a piece of text.

      I think the Ledbury design will require an extensive set of ligatures, to say the least! That said, there do remain two technical snags. Firstly, ligatures only work in those applications which support them, though that number is growing. Secondly, the replacement process is sequential, rather than priority based. Thus, in a piece of text ‘Abcd’, with ligature pairs defined for ‘Ab’ ‘bc’ and ‘cd’, the text displayed on screen will be rendered using the ligatures ‘Ab’ and ‘cd’. The ligature ‘bc’ isn’t applied even is that is more important as design terms, as the ‘Ab’ substitution occurs first precluding ‘bc’. Still those are the constraints the type designer currently has to work with. Part of the challenge, really!

      Sorry if that became overly technical!


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