Also Releasing Soon…

As promised a few days ago, here’s a preview of our other imminent release.  We’ve been contemplating some more ‘casual’ typeface designs for a while, and ‘Albion’s Marker No.1’ represents the first of them.


Think of Schoolboys trying to print ‘smartly’ in their exercise books.  Think of the rough sketches of conceptual design, which can have more ‘charm’ than the finished product.  Think of the charm of authentic hand lettering.  All of those tropes are embodies in Albion’s Marker No.1.Albion's_Marker_No.1-Gallery2

2 thoughts on “Also Releasing Soon…

  1. I do like the way your Marker no. 1 combines a casual, informal appearance with a classical lettering style that seems (to my untrained eye) reminiscent of Bembo, which I greatly admire. (Did you see my blog post “Inventing Literary Classics” a few weeks back on the great Renaissance typographer Aldus Manutius, begetter of Bembo?)

    • Ian, you are quite correct, my designs for Marker No.1 draws inspiration from a range of classical typefaces, including Bembo, the Oxford Fell types and so forth. Incidentally, the ‘Marker’ of the name refers to the design approach, using marker pens, and in part a stylus and tablet, to sketch the essence of those classical faces from memory.

      I did indeed see (and read with interest) “Inventing Literally Classics” a few weeks ago. I have intended to reply as well. Time has been a little pressing just lately, matters relating to my day job having been a little fraught and demanding more time than a balanced life would indicate… I’m sure you know the problems!

      I do hope to be on top of that side of things and return more of my attention to more ‘essential’ matters soon. In the mean time thank you for your comments on Marker No.1


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