2 thoughts on “Reprising Amersham – Part 2

  1. Hi Paul,

    Very nice font. I noticed you have done a number of free fonts in the past and this one looks a bit like Altea you did as free font… I am wondering if there is actually a list of the free fonts you done available somewhere or if there is somewhere you posted the free fonts for download? Most of the free fonts sites I visited carried some numbers of your fonts but they don’t seem to have the complete listing…

    • Jeff,

      It is true that Amersham is an idea developed from Altea of many years ago, the same is also true of a few of Greater Albion’s releases, though none of the free fonts have full character sets of the same level of refinement as Greater Albion’s typefaces. You can find all my free fonts at http://moorstation.org/typoasis/designers/lloyd/ at least as long as that site stays up. I’m not sure it’s actively maintained any more.

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