3 thoughts on “Projects in Early Stages – Wendover

  1. Wendover looks nice. Farthingale prompts me to offer that certain flounces interfere with the fundamental letter shapes, and while good as alternates, may compromise your design’s broad use. Perhaps consider installing them in an ‘Alt-version, or in OTF Stylistic palettes?
    [I’m a long-time typographer, trained at West Australian Newspapers, with 60,000 digital fonts in my collection, and 1300 kerning tables in my toolbox. I have long admired your work]

  2. Ron, you may well have a point, certainly bears thinking about at any event. A second pair of eyes is always useful, so more than happy to receive any feedback.

    Thank you for your kind words. Incidentally, I’ve been around Perth long enough to remember when the West Australian was written, typeset and printed in the city.


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