Adantine Revisted…


Adantine offers the opportunity to bring Victorian Elegance and Character to modern design work. It is inspired by the hand-lettered captions often seen on old sepia-toned postcards, but also distilles some of its spirit from 19th century advertising cuts. Adantine is offered in regular and text faces, as well as all and small Capitals forms with purpose made swashed capitals, and in a decorative embossed form. It can be used to set small amounts of text, as well as for headings and display purposes. Adantine offers the chance to bring steam-age elegance to present day design projects.
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Showcasing… Adantine

The Adantine family is currently discounted by 35% on

Adantine Discounted by 35%

We’re currently offering the Adantine family at a 35% discount on

Adantine and Corvone Released-25% Introductory Discount

Adantine and Corvone are now released on, at a 25% introductory discount.  Click on the banners below to try them out:

Adantine and Corvone Near Release

Our two latest projects, Adantine and Corvone are nearing release and should be available on Myfonts in the next week or so, with availability on to follow thereafter.  We thought some near release previews of each family in action might be of interest.  Firstly, here’s Adantine-now a family of nine faces:

Those who have been following Corvone’s progress will note dramatic developments since the last preview.  Corvone will be offered in two faces-a three dimensional ‘Pupeline’ regular form, as well as a solidly black ‘plain’ face: