Another set of completed catalogue pages. Our specimen pages for ‘Admiral’ can be downloaded here in pdf form.


Cataloguing Away – Adantine

Here is our second set of catalogue pages, proceeding in alphabetical order, these are for the Adantine family, a 2010 release. We’ve included thumbnails below, or a PDF can be downloaded here.  Adamantine is transitional face, somewhere between Roman and text with distinctly late Victorian overtones.

Bonlivet Releases

The Bonlivet typeface is now available through Myfonts and Fontspring.

Bonlivet is an all capitals display face, which starts from Roman letter forms and pushes them into wild decorative extravagance. There is a somewhat early 20th century feel to this, but really it’s just a bit of good fun, with a hint of elegance thrown in.

Bonlivet3 Bonlivet2 Bonlivet1


Showcasing Bonnington

Here are a few samples of our popular Bonnington family in use.  Bonnington mis currently offered at a 40% discount on Myfonts.

Bonnington is a Roman display face full of the spirit of the 1920s, developing further the ideas in our Bonning family.

Three weights are offered, including a shadowed black form, in a choice of regular and condensed widths.

It’s the ideal face for signage with a period feel, as well as posters and headings. Combine Bonnington and Bonning together using Bonnington for eye-catching headings and Bonning for other text.

New Releases – 1

Haldane has just launched on Myfonts and on Fontspring:

Haldane is an Art Nouveau ‘punctuated’ (ie not joined) script, ideal for certificates, calligraphic lettering and signage.  Stroke width vary from almost hairline to extremely wide.  Great fun for every application!

Two New Releases on Fontspring

Our two latest releases have just launched on Fontspring.

Bluebottle is a lively fun family of typefaces, a boisterous fun design, Bluebottle brings a distinctive cheerful character where ever it’s used. Use Bluebottle to bring life and fun wherever you will.

Solidarius is a chubby, friendly typeface which captures the innate legibility of well done felt-tip marker lettering. It’s ideal for any poster needing that ‘hand-lettered’ look combined with optimum legibility.