Albia Nova Catalogue Pages

Albia Nova was the first of Greater Albion’s occasional forays into ‘Science Fiction’ inspired typefaces.  There’s a distinct overtone of 1950s futuristic design about this typeface.  The catalogue pages are accessible here.

New Releases Released…

We’re pleases to announce the launch of our two latest releases, Balbione and Chequers on Myfonts and on Fontspring.


Baldione is a highly stylised variation upon a classic Didone typeface, incorporating a globular decorative ‘ball’ or ‘blob’ in each character’s design. The result has a feel of the 1970s about it somehow and works well in poster and advertising designs with a hint of the outré’ about them. Balidone includes an extensive range of ligatures and stylistic alternates.

Baldione_Poster1 Baldione_Poster2 Baldione_Poster3 Baldione_Poster4


Chequers was inspired by the all-capitals lettering seen on a 1920s magazine cover. It is a family of six small-serifed display faces, including a selection of stylistic alternates. Use it for a comfortable period feel in your design work.

Chequers_Poster1 Chequers_Poster2 Chequers_Poster3 Chequers_Poster4

Brollo, Nearly There…

‘Imperial Granum’ isn’t the only project nearing release.  Here are a few test pieces giving a small sampling of ‘Brollo’ a display face with distinct overtones of the 1960s and 70s.  Quite modern for us, we know, but fun to do and it made a change.  As regular readers will see in the near future Brollo is also key to some other projects (yet to be announced, but soon…) that we have on the go.  Watch this space!  In the meantime, here’s Brollo…