Chocolatey Fun!

We were daydreaming about our favourite hypothetical brand, ‘Chocolate Ambrosine’ again.  Our first peace of ‘fun’ typography uses the BonaVia and Bonaventure typeface families to promote ‘Empire Cream Centers’.  This is followed by the Adantine family promoting drinking chocolate and finally in a more modern style, Haldane promotes the ‘Superior Milk Soft Centred Selection’.

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Daydreams of Chocolate

Here are some new, vintage inspired, designs for posters advertising our favourite hypothetical brand, ‘Chocolate Ambrosine’.

Violet Cremes, using our Wellingborough typefaces:


Dairy Mily, typeset in our Mexborough typefaces: Ambrosine2

Rose Cremes, typeset on Merrivale: Ambrosine3

Dark chocolate bar wrapper, typography in Wolverton: Ambrosine4