Murder in Edwardian Toronto

We were recently delighted to discover Rachel McMillan’s series of Herringford and Watts mystery Novels and Novellas, all set in Edwardian Toronto, and making most appropriate use of the Great Bromwich typeface family on their covers…  Would like to add, they’re a splendid read too!

Bachelor Girls Guide to Murder (1)9b1c474e9602a4ad7cd8b521306e93b2Conductor of Light - Novella11953025_10155976415835316_5663300915845404019_nof dubious and questWhite Feather Murders

Murder Becomes Us

A friend suggested that our forthcoming “Belle Jardin” family was well suited to cover typography for period crime novels….so here’s a little experiment with that idea….

‘Ariadne Oliver’ is not, incidentally a real crime writer, but a fictional one, embedded within som of Agatha Christie’s work.  The titles here are all our own imagining, as is ‘Dagger Press’, so far as we know…

Red_Box copy

Bentley copy