Released on Fontspring

Fontspring are often the most prompt of our resellers in bringing out our new releases.  We’re pleased to advise that Ames’ Roman and Amersham are already available from them.

Click here to try them out!

Amersham1 Ames1

A Family of Sixteen Typefaces

We expect to send our Amersham and Ames’ Roman typefaces off to our resellers in the near future.  Ames’ Roman is to be a family of sixteen typefaces and is a stylish ‘New-Style’ Roman family in divers weights and widths.  Ames’ Roman is designed to embody beautiful clarity with dramatic contrast between horizontal and vertical strokes.  All typefaces include small capital forms, new and old style numerals (and indeed ‘small capital’ numerals for consistency).


Here’s a download link for catalogue pages illustrating all sixteen typefaces in the family.  We will publish some examples of the family in use shortly.


New Releases Released…

We’re pleases to announce the launch of our two latest releases, Balbione and Chequers on Myfonts and on Fontspring.


Baldione is a highly stylised variation upon a classic Didone typeface, incorporating a globular decorative ‘ball’ or ‘blob’ in each character’s design. The result has a feel of the 1970s about it somehow and works well in poster and advertising designs with a hint of the outré’ about them. Balidone includes an extensive range of ligatures and stylistic alternates.

Baldione_Poster1 Baldione_Poster2 Baldione_Poster3 Baldione_Poster4


Chequers was inspired by the all-capitals lettering seen on a 1920s magazine cover. It is a family of six small-serifed display faces, including a selection of stylistic alternates. Use it for a comfortable period feel in your design work.

Chequers_Poster1 Chequers_Poster2 Chequers_Poster3 Chequers_Poster4

The Blob

Here’s’ a design we’ve been experiementing for ages, arising out of an office conversation about whether it could be done.  Basically it’s a weighty didone, where each letterform incorporates some portion of a large spherical dot (the blob itself).  This ongoing experiment is finally producing some pleasing results, very pleasing, in fact.  So here’s a small sampling of what’s been produced so far.  One thing, can anyone think of a name?


Gondolieri Released.

The nine member Gondolieri family is now available for purchase from Myfonts and Fontspring.

The design of Gondolieri has its origins in an experiment to combine aspects of Didone and Tuscan typefaces. The result has a continental ‘Italianate‘ feel. If you wonder what lies behind the name, just look at the lower case ‘f’…definite overtones of a Venetian Gondola here, and throughout the design. Gondolieri is offered in regular and bold weights, as well as a simplified form for smaller text use. All of these are available in three widths. The Gondolieri family has a lovely Didone, ‘Belle Epoch’ feel for use in design, posters, book covers and so forth. An extensive range of Opentype features, including ligatures and terminal forms is included in the regular and bold faces.