New Releases 2 – Merrivale

Merrivale is now released on Myfonts.  Merrivale is an ideal example of the benefits of keeping ones eyes open- it was inspired by the gilt-finished raised lettering on a late Victorian shopsign in Melbourne, Australia. The family of seven faces include upper and lower case forms, small capitals, all capital forms, and flamboyant display forms.  Extensive Opentype features are incorporated. All faces are offered in incised forms inspired by the original lettering as well as in solid black filled forms.  Thsee typefaces are wonderful for signage where either a period air or a dignified but legible feel are required.  They also lend themselves to other display uses such as posters, book covers and so forth and are ideal for the title lines of certificates.

Doncaster Now Released on Myfonts.

Doncaster is now also available to try out and to purchase through Myfonts.

Here’s a slideshow of the family in action:

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Doncaster Launches on Fontspring

The Doncaster family of seven fonts has launched on Fontspring.  The family comprises seven faces- Regular, Italic, Embossed, Incised, Small capitals, Small Capitals Embossed and Small Capitals Incised.  Doncaster is a bold display face which emphasises legibility and clarity, but which combines those qualities with a distinctive flair. The designs have a timeless quality, making them equally at home today or even in Victorian inspired design work. All of the faces are ideal for poster work, signage or for really eye-catching but not ostentatious headings and titles.

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