Something Happening At Last!

Eurobia is a family of two typefaces – Regular and Plain.  They are display faces with a strongly European feel and a strong flavour of the 1920s. My suggestion would be to use them for poster or banner work, or packaging or cover design, with the heading text set in Eurasia Regular and subsidiary text set in Eurobia plain. 

For something Different – Chocolate

We thought we’d continue our showcasing of the Birmingham New Street family with a different theme.  Here’s a nicely coordinated set of posters advertising our favourite hypothetical brand of chocolates.  Anyone for a violet cream?







European Excursions – 1

Here are some posters we’ve just created in order to recreate the golden age of travel (we see that as the 20’s) and to showcase our Absinette typeface family, which is currently available at a 40% discount on  Yes-we know an advertisement for Absinthe isn’t a travel poster in some senses at least, but i’s very French…

Morover Now Released on

Here’s another example of Morover in action, showing off its particular combination of Fraktur character and legibility, as well as the two distinct but complementary Morover faces, Regular and Plain:

Meanwhile, why not try it out for yourself either on or Fontspring.

Morover Released on Fontspring

Morover, our latest release,   is now available on Fontspring.

Morover is a lively display Fraktur, which managers to combine legibility with hand-drawn charm.  All letterforms are carefully hand constructed to bring great legibility and clarity to the family of two faces-ideal for seasonal or festive work, or anywhere that vintage charm is required.  The regular face offers an elaboately incised decorative design which the plain face offers solid black letterforms. Why not try it out here?  Release through our other re-selllers will follow soon.  Meanwhile, here’s a sample of Morover in action-click on the thumbnail to see a larger image:

Travel Poster Gallery Feature

We’ve just posted a new selection of images on our Galley page– a selection of travel posters, harking back to a time when travel was all about the fun and experience of seeing a simpler, uncomplicated world. They showcase our Brossard family.