And Here’s the Completed ‘Fargo Tuscan’


Fargo Tuscan is the first of seven typefaces exploring the decorative possibilities of the Tuscan letter form, all of which are releasing in 2017.  It’s the most European of the seven- it’s a Mid-Victorian inspired display face which would have been (and is) at home on either side of the Atlantic, unlike some of the others in this batch of Tuscan faces which are distinctly ‘trans-Atlantic’ (we know, that depends on your point of view but we are Greater ALBION Typefounders after all) in flavour. Fargo Tuscan is replete with decorative features, including Swash Capitals, alternate numeric forms and stylistic alternates ideal for the beginning and ending of words.


Now Released – Empyrean and Ambergate

Empyrean and Ambergate can now be found on Myfonts and Fontspring…

Empyrean_Poster1 Empyrean_Poster2 Empyrean_Poster3 Empyrean_Poster4 Print Print Ambergate_Poster1 Ambergate_Poster2 Ambergate_Poster3 Ambergate_Poster4 Ambergate_Poster5 Ambergate_Poster6 Ambergate_Poster7 Ambergate_Poster8


In theory, my spare time at the moment should be spent on the many ligature pairs required by ‘Ledbury’.  In the midst of that I had an idea.  I decided that idea needed to be acted upon… or did I feel like a break from all those ligature pairs.  Anyway, Ambergate, a further development of the ideas in the ‘Amersham’ typeface family is the (more or less complete) result of that bit of spontaneity.

Ambergate is a family of four typefaces, loosely Copperplate in inspiration and with a certain amount of added flourish (in the case of two of the faces, that added flourish is extremely literal).  Progress on these designs was rather more rapid than has been the case with some others, and demonstrates to me the advantages of allowing the creative process to go along whichever pathways it will wander.  Or is that just my excuse for delaying other projects?



Eight New Releases, Now on Myfonts – Part 7


Kinver owes it’s inspiration to the masthead of a 19th century handbill. It is designed to particularly complement our extensive ‘Imperial Granum’ typeface family. Bring the spirit of Victorian flair to your next design project!

Kinver_Gallery1 Kinver_Gallery2 Kinver_Gallery3 Kinver_Gallery4 Kinver_Gallery5
Kinver_Gallery6 Kinver_Gallery7 Kinver_Poster2 Kinver_Poster3 Kinver_Poster4

Eight New Releases, Now on Myfonts – Part 5

Nationale_Poster1 Nationale_Poster2


Nationale is inspired by the lettering of early 20th century share certificates and bonds.  It includes a complete set of stylistic alternates for all letter forms, and two sizes of numerals.  National speaks of the steam age, and the age of traditional design and engineering, when aesthetic concerns mattered just as much as function.  Bring a touch of the elegant past to your work with Nationale.Nationale_Gallery3 Nationale_Gallery4 Nationale_Gallery5 Nationale_Gallery6 Nationale_Poster3 Nationale_Poster4 Nationale_Poster5 Nationale_Poster6

Forthcoming Releases II – Kinver

Here’s another design nearing release.  This time it’s one we’ve not previewed before.

Kinver is inspired by lettering on a 19th century trade card which we found recently, and is what we might call a ‘Super summas’ Roman display face, which we had great fun working on.

Kinver_Gallery1 Kinver_Gallery1a Kinver_Gallery1b Kinver_Gallery2 Kinver_Gallery3 Kinver_Gallery4 Kinver_Gallery5 Kinver_Gallery6 Kinver_Gallery7