Just Released

Our four latest typeface families have now released on Fontspring and on Myfonts.  Here are a few more sample images displaying Landsdowne Commerical,Wellmere Sans, Friendly Shaded Sans and Trivette.  We know these four projects have taken a while to come to fruition, but we think they are worth the wait.

‘Landsdowne Commercial’ is a development of one of our designer’s earlier public domain releases, ‘Landsdowne’.  All glyphs have been completely redrawn and refined.  An extensive range of stylistic alternates and ligatures have been added, as well as a completely new bold face and several forms of numerals.  Landsdowne commercial is ideal for period-inspired design work, such as posters and book covers as well for clear elegant communications.

Wellmere Sans is humanist a ‘sans serif’ typeface combining distinctive character with easy legibility. The emphasis here is on elegant simplicity and clarity. No alternate forms, no ligatures, just good simple design and elegance giving clarity and ease of communication.  Ideal for timeless presentation of information, signs, posters, computer displays and so forth.

‘Friendly Shaded Sans’ is just what the name says. It’s a chubby and cheerful Sans Serif typeface that is ideal for poster work, headings and informal design generally.

Trivette is an ‘All Capitals’ calligraphic display face, where all upright strokes are rendered as curves and where everything approaching the vertical are rendered in threes.  That’s probably as clear as mud, but the results combine charm and legibility with a decorative period air.  Recommended for poster work where a sense of dignified fun is important.










New on Fontspring

Our three latest completed projects, Greene and Hollins, Henry VII, and Uncia Black have just released on Fontspring.  We thought it would be an interesting comparison to use each of them in turn in the same poster design, to see how each in turn ‘works’.

In fact, we find that, at lest in this particular application, they all have a certain appeal.  There again, maybe we’re just seeing things through our own eyes.  It is with noting that the typesetting in each case is tailored to take advantage of the particular attributes in each case- wider tracking for Uncia Black in the word ‘Peterborough’, the word ‘Travel’ is set slightly off-centre in the presentation of ‘Peterborough’ (and two typefaces from the family are employed for a subtle colour effect) whilst ‘PETERBOROUGH’ is set all in capitals in using ‘Henry VII’.


3_1 3_2

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Bourne Launches on Fontspring

Our Bourne typeface family has now launched on Fontsping.com

Bourne is a comprehensive text and display sans-serif family consisting of 21 typefaces, all with a range of features including stylistic alternates, discretionary ligatures, as well as old-style and tabular numeral forms and fractions. The 21 typefaces include two widths and three weights of type as well as square and round terminal forms and oblique faces. Three specialised display faces are also included. The face is ideal for establishing a consistent ‘look’ across a range of projects and could readily become the basis of an organisation’s house publication style. Bourne works well in poster and large scale design work, as well as for the setting of large amounts of text. Individual faces are priced economically and substantial discounts are offered for packs of multiple typefaces.


Showcasing Wolverhampton

Our Wolverhampton display family is currently offered at a 40% discount on Fontspring and Myfonts.  Wolverhampton was inspired by the lettering seen on a 19th century enamel advertisement emanating from the city of the same name.

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Showcasing Bertoni – Part 3

Here’s the third part of our Bertoni showcase.  We’ve continued the travel theme today, starting out in Verona, then heading for Venice via Canterbury…not the msot direct route, we know 🙂  There again, a straight line may be the shortest distance between two points, but it’s far from the most interesting….

Bertoni is currently offered at a 40% discount on Myfonts and Fontspring.

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Just a little bit tipsy…

Here’s a showcase for our Adantine typeface family, currently offered at a discount on Fontspring and Myfonts.  The theme of today’s collectionis a recreation of old-fashioned refined ‘drink’ advertising….(well, ok,maybe not in the case of the ‘Babysham’).

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