Coming Soon…. Alfrine

Alfrine is a project we’ve had ‘on the back burner’ for quite some time, though we don’t think we’ve presented it here before. In one of those periodic burst of energy that tends to characterise our operations…or is that periodic busts of time left by our day jobs(?) it’s finally getting near completion.

So, introducing ‘Alfrine’ an oblique San face (two faces actually) with  delightful feeling of energy and motion about them.  Alfrine includes an extensive range of ligatures and works well when used for ‘all-caps’ lettering.

Alfrine_Gallery1 Alfrine_Gallery2 Alfrine_Gallery3 Alfrine_Gallery4

Bonlivet – Nearly Done…

We’ve been putting a lot of time into moving our ongoing projects towards completion.  We’ve had quite a good run of getting things finished off-or nearly there.  Here’s the latest sampling of Bonlivet, which will soon be ready to send off to our resellers-along with several other projects.


Ames’ Text…

We’ve designed the Ames’ Text family to complement the recently released Ames’ Roman.  It is specifically designed for clarity on screens and in print at small point sizes.  Here’s a sampling of the nine typefaces which make up the Ames’ Text family:

Ames_Text1-1 Ames_Text1-2 Ames_Text1-3

Just Sent To Our Resellers:- Ames’ Roman and Amersham

Just sent off today, so they should be available soon…