Another Experiment

I’ve always been intrigued by the idea of a Blackletter that is a) designed to beastly read; and b) an ‘all capitals’ face.  Progress on this thought so far:

Screen Shot 2016-08-28 at 8.05.41 PM

By the way, Kerning not attended too yet!



Wroxeter – A Sampling…

We presented a a short preview of Wroxeter Regular (we did toy briefly with calling that Wroxeter Wregular but perhaps that’s a joke to far) last week.  This family of typefaces, four of them in fact, is nearing readiness for dispatch to our resellers, along with a selection of Christmas novelties and Fleurons (more of which anon), so we thought we’d present a more substantial sampling of the whole family.

Wroxeter_Gallery3 Wroxeter_Gallery2

Some Test Pieces with Merrivaux

Here are a few of our test pieces as we tried out the shortly to be released Merrivaux.  Hope our readers enjoy them.

Merrivaux_Gallery1 Merrivaux_Gallery2 Merrivaux_Gallery3 Merrivaux_Gallery4 Merrivaux_Gallery4A

Black Letter Fantasy

Here’s the latest progress on Merrivaux.  We now have a full set o capital letterforms sketched out.  Merrivaux is not a revival of an historical blackletter, but a pure work of our own imagining.  There is also a deliberate family relationship to one of our earlier designs, the Roman display family Merrivale. We will report more progress in the near future…


Keep Calm at Christmas

Here are some seasonal variations on a well known design theme – or is that the well know design theme – using two of our Blackletter typefaces, Beckinslade and Lowndes.  We’re offering all of our Blackletter faces, including the newky released Tudor Perpendicular, on Myfonts at a 40% discount for the festive season.