Source and Inspiration, World War I Air Service…, Or What We Are All About!

J. Paul Verrees was the Belgian/American artist who drew this World War I recruiting poster for the U.S. Army Air Service:


Below you can see the same poster, somewhat re-imagined and using all three of those faces:

Jonquin1Neither our reconstruction of the poster, nor the typefaces themselves are slavish copies of his originals.  All three typefaces are used in the poster “Air Service” is set in the Incised face, “DO IT NOW and “France” are in bold and the remainder is set in the regular face.

You can see clear differences between our typefaces and the original hand lettering- our ‘A’s are quite differently shaped, we’ve reduced the stem width in the regular face, increased the curve in the ‘S’ and so forth.  We feel this example nicely illustrates all of what our foundry is about- we’re not in the business of just reviving old designs, but of designing new typefaces which incorporate and feature strongly traditional design elements.

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The House in France

Though it was published a little while ago, and we missed it at the time we were pleased to see this rather splendid dust-jacket just recently. The hardback edition of Gully Wells’ ‘The House in France‘ (Bloomsbury, 2011) makes use of our Vectis family of typefaces.  Three members of the family are used here, the Book title being set in Vectis Bold, and other text using Vectis condensed and Regular.  The title also nicely shows off several of Vectis’ Opentype features.

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House in France

Showcasing “Imperial Granum” Part IV

Today we round out our travels with Imperial Granum with a bit of Alpine climbing in a rather minimalist poster design, some motoring along the west coast of America and an Atlantic crossing in traditional style.

Granum10 Granum11 Granum12



Showcasing “Imperial Granum” Part III

In the third part of our Imperial Granum showcase we indulge in some train travel, first on the charming Brighton Belle for breakfast (anyone for kippers?) then on the famous Blue Train through the south of France.  We round off our travels in the far North, with a stop in Norway

Granum7 Granum8 Granum9