Halliwell Casual in Action

Halliwell Casual is a hand lettered all capitals script, combining charm and character with legibility. Ideal for poster work and eye-catching banners. Try a little casual and timeless elegance.

Amie Now Released on Myfonts

Amie is a friendly Sans Serif display face, with a hint of hand drawn flair.  Ideal for poster work, album covers, book covers and for bringing an element of friendly style anywhere.
Amie is available here on Myfonts

A Name Found….

Thanks to regular reader here, Fred Stevens, a name has been found for our ‘marker pen’ project.  Fred suggested a nice friendly name, Amy, which we thought was wonderfully appropriate.  Unluckily, there is already an Amy typeface out there, so we went eve so slightly French with the spelling, and came up with Amie.  Aime will be ready to send off to our resellers so, so here’s a preview of it:

Now Three Family Members…

We’ve always had mixed feelings about Bold Italic typefaces.  A bold face adds emphasis.  An italic face adds emphasis.  Doing both adds more emphasise, and can have its place, but often seems like overkill.  For that reason, we’ve decided that the Amici family, which is now nearing completion will consist of three faces, regular (which we’ve already shown her) bold and italic.

Here’s a short comparative sampling….

On the Go…

We have three projects on the go at the moment – the large Wolverton family, which we’ve previewed from time to time, Quiller (more of which shortly), and an idea for something that we’re calling (for the moment at least) ‘Big Friendly Roman’.  Here are some sketches for big friendly lower case letter forms.  We’d be delighted to hear what people think and any ideas for a name that people might suggest.  Any suggestions we use will be rewarded in our customary manner, with a complimentary copy of the relevant typeface.