Lowndes Released

Lowndes is now released on Myfonts.com.

Lowndes is designed as a Blackletter display face with a spirit of fun rather than historical accuracy, and with an emphasis on legibility and clarity.

It’s ideal for festive design such as cards, posters etc…

Cullion Released

Cullion is a new departure for Greater Albion, being a modern Fraktur, embodying future trends such as highly stylised glyphs, a single case of lettering and highly evolved letterforms.  At the same time it can trace its inspiration back to blackletter traditions, and is inspired by the sort of ironwork to be found in a medieval portcullis.

The resulting typeface can sit happily in traditional, modern or futuristic design work.  As the gallery images suggest, it does rather lend itself to work  with a ‘horror’ theme, but it could have many other uses too-even in religious work.  Cullion is particularly effective in poster headings.

You can try Cullion out on MyFonts.com.  In the meantime here are a couple of examples of Cullion and Cullion Plain in action.