Flinscher Family Launched on Myfonts

Couldn’t resist that alliterative title!

The Flinscher family contains twenty display typefaces, in weights that vary from light to black, and widths that extend from condensed to expanded. The family’s design inspiration traces its roots to the early portion of the twentieth century.  In essence, it is a calligraphic script typeface family with blackletter influences. The letter forms are decorative and distinctive, yet clear and easy to read, and in use set up a regular rhythm that leads the eye from character to character.  The Flinscher typefaces are well suited to design work that needs to combine formality with fun.  Just the thing for a certificate or a book cover!

Why not experiment with it today?

Flinscher_Gallery18 Flinscher_Gallery19 Flinscher_Gallery20

Just Released

Our four latest typeface families have now released on Fontspring and on Myfonts.  Here are a few more sample images displaying Landsdowne Commerical,Wellmere Sans, Friendly Shaded Sans and Trivette.  We know these four projects have taken a while to come to fruition, but we think they are worth the wait.

‘Landsdowne Commercial’ is a development of one of our designer’s earlier public domain releases, ‘Landsdowne’.  All glyphs have been completely redrawn and refined.  An extensive range of stylistic alternates and ligatures have been added, as well as a completely new bold face and several forms of numerals.  Landsdowne commercial is ideal for period-inspired design work, such as posters and book covers as well for clear elegant communications.

Wellmere Sans is humanist a ‘sans serif’ typeface combining distinctive character with easy legibility. The emphasis here is on elegant simplicity and clarity. No alternate forms, no ligatures, just good simple design and elegance giving clarity and ease of communication.  Ideal for timeless presentation of information, signs, posters, computer displays and so forth.

‘Friendly Shaded Sans’ is just what the name says. It’s a chubby and cheerful Sans Serif typeface that is ideal for poster work, headings and informal design generally.

Trivette is an ‘All Capitals’ calligraphic display face, where all upright strokes are rendered as curves and where everything approaching the vertical are rendered in threes.  That’s probably as clear as mud, but the results combine charm and legibility with a decorative period air.  Recommended for poster work where a sense of dignified fun is important.










A Little More Archive Trawling…

We received a very positive reaction to last week’s visit to our design archives, so we thought we’d pop back this week.  Here are some specimen typography pieces which make use of our “Birmingham New Street” family of three typefaces.

Bir2 birm1 birm2 birm3 birm4 birm5 birm6 birm7 birm8 birm9 birm10 birm11 Birm12 BirminghamNewStreet_Gallery1 BirminghamNewStreet_Gallery2 BirminghamNewStreet_Gallery3

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A Family in Seven Faces, or Ready For Colour OpenType?

Here’s a sampling of the full ‘Greene and Hollins’ typeface family.  We’ve designed all seven typefaces with uniform metrics, to facilitate (for the moment) multi-coloured typography by overlaying different typefaces.

In the fullness of time we may also release these as multi-coloured OpenType typefaces.  This is technically possible to do now, but until there is worthwhile application support we really don’t think there’s much point in so doing.  Also, it has to be admitted that none of our resellers are set up to sell such exotica yet…so far as we know.

It will be interesting to see if this idea of typefaces in pre-defined colour selections takes off.  In reality this actually makes us think our current ‘overlay’ solution is actually superior, even if it is more work.  At least this way, the designer can choose the colours…


Greene and Hollins Gallery1

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Something We Did On Our Holidays…

We went on our holidays…we’re keeping where a secret for now…for a break from work, from fonts and typography generally. But then fonts and typography were always fun to us, and never work, so we ended up sketching some ideas for a new design-  these are just pencil sketches done on the hotel’s writing desk, and far from a full alphabet of capitals with nothing else thought through at all.  Never the less, we think the idea has promise.  We’re thinking of calling this one (some time in the future) ‘Barollo’….seems to fit somehow…



Catalogue Pages…

We’ve thought for some time that we should develop a Greater Albion Typefounders specimen book.  This will have a number of benefits, but will also eat into time which could be applied to other projects, like designing new typefaces.  Still, we can at least make a gradual start by preparing specimen pages for new typeface families as they are completed.  With that in mind, we’ve made a start with Henrician, and the pages follow below.  We’ve also included a link so that these pages are downloadable in pdf form.  Yes, we’ve also finally settled on our preferred spelling of “Henrician”!

Henrician Catalogue Pages in PDF


Henrician_Catalogue-2 Henrician_Catalogue-3 Henrician_Catalogue-4 Henrician_Catalogue-5 Henrician_Catalogue-6 Henrician_Catalogue-7 Henrician_Catalogue-8 Henrician_Catalogue-9

Showcasing Wolverton – 2

Today we continue our showcasing of our Wolverton family of typefaces.  We present three more period-themed pieces of advertising themed design using a selection of typefaces from the 32-member Wolverton family.  The themes of today’s collection encompass drinking chocolate (or steam train travel, depending how you look at it-where do you find service like that these days?), the Health Resort town of Brighton and Mr Shakespeare’s plays.

Wolverton5 Wolverton6 Wolverton4